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Interest Column : Music in Our Lives

Something To Sing About

April 23rd, 2005
Stefanie Kaufman

Music in the halls, the foyers, the ‘self’ and in the classrooms. That is how music was treated and respected in France. Every student was exposed to music in French, English, Spanish, German and Portuguese every day just by attending school. In each section of the school there’d be a different form of music playing. My high school in France had ‘concerts’ bi-weekly that would show some of our schools amazing talented artists.

Music is such a well-known thing and with new technology you can take your music virtually anywhere with you. IPods are one of the greatest inventions in recent history, they allow you to transport 1000-20000 songs, photos and data with you anywhere. And their battery lasts nearly 18 hours. Discman’s (portable CD players) are still used by many people and same as an iPod, they can go anywhere. You can listen to music while in a tanning bed, driving down the road, sitting in your room or lounging at the beach.

In Canada we only take music about 3 times a week in elementary school and learn virtually nothing, besides a few songs. I personally did not learn to read music in school nor did any of my classmates. If any of us know how so do it, it is because we either took piano, guitar or continued our musical education in secondary school. I attended Tavistock Public School and in the primary grades the only note we ever needed to know was ‘a’ because that is the noise the tuning fork made when it was hit against something solid. This really did not help when it came time for me to pick up my first guitar. I personally believe that children should be exposed to music at an early age, giving them the opportunity to build knowledge of different genres and how to play music. As well as in high school teens should have more options as to which instrument they want to play.

Remember to rock out and listen to the music.

Ariana and Stefanie