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Profile : Bert McCracken



All That I’ve Got

Bert McCracken, 23 of Orem, Utah is known for loud, powerful, screaming vocals that come from deep within his heart and soul. Band mate Quinn Allmen as "a chemical mixture of Mick Jagger and a werewolf" has described Bert. According to sources "The description isn't far off. The yowling vocalist suffers from wild mood swings that he channels through The Used's ever-shifting music, and, if given the choice, he prefers to work by the light of moon. "Night time is just so much more dangerous and aggressive and mysterious," he says, his eyes widening and a smile turning up the corners of his mouth."

Bert has been rebelling all of his life "
"I've rebelled against all types of conformity throughout my life, not just Utah's conservative culture," he says. "I rebelled against the Mormon Church by going to other churches. I rebelled against my parents by not eating meat. I rebelled against my friends and myself by doing drugs. And I rebelled against everything that was holding me down by playing music with these guys."

Bert is also known to have a love for his fans, he once told reporters "When a kid comes up to me and says, you really influenced me and got me through some rough shit, I never know what to say. I just wish that I had some cookies or heroin to give them."

The Used have just recently finished headlining The Taste of Chaos Tour in North American, then will head to Australia for a few shows. The it is time for the European version of The Taste Of Chaos tour, though the band is losing their co-headliners, My Chemical Romance because of the American Idiot Tour as well as Warped Tour.

The Used have released two albums and a dvd + cd compilation, the first album is their self titled debut "The Used" and their new CD that came out in the fall of 2004 is called "in Love and Death". The compilation of "Maybe Memories" shows views music videos, previously unreleased tracks and much more. Some of The Used most know songs are, "Taste of Ink", "A Box Full of Sharp Objects", "Take it Away" and "All That I've Got".

The Used

Band Members include:
Bert McCracken - vocals/keyboard/piano
Quinn Allman - guitars/vocals/toys
Branden Steineckert - drums/vocals/percussion
Jeph Howard - bass/vocals/fusion

The Used and My Friends

Gerard and Bert

Strangled Heart

Branden and Bert

The Used